User status within your merchant account

Is a user listed as yellow triangle?

This user either has invalid login credentials for a shipping account or has overdue, unpaid invoices. Take a moment to call this customer to resolve the issue.

The intent of this article is to detail each status type within the list user pages within your merchant account.

user status by type

Green status

  • Shipping account login credentials: valid
  • Online billing for shipping accounts: enabled
  • Invoices: Paid or scheduled for future transaction date.

Yellow status

The yellow status is shown when either of the following exists:

  • Shipping account login credentials: invalid
  • Online billing for shipping accounts: not enabled
  • Invoices: overdue / past due
  • Linked user account: user hasn’t yet accepted invite

What to do with yellow status

  1. Tap on the row to open the Edit user page.
  2. Investigate the issue with the account.
  3. Reach out the customer via phone or email to resolve the issue.

Note regarding linked accounts

  • If the user never accepted the invitation and registered, then the user simply needs to locate the email previous sent and take action by tapping the button within.
  • If the email cannot be found, or if the link in the email has since expired, then the user can simply reset the password.
Updated on June 30, 2021

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