Add additional users to a customer account

Your customers may ask to add additional users to their accounts. This support article outlines the steps to add users to a customer’s account.

How to add users to a customer account

  • Login to your admin account.
  • Go to left sidebar and tap on Users.
  • Search or locate the customer.
  • Tap Login as User button.
  • Once impersonating the customer, go to left sidebar and tap Settings.
  • Navigate to the Invite Users card.
  • List the email addresses that require access.
  • Tap Invite button.

Next steps

  • An email notification is sent to every invited email address.
  • The receiver taps the button within the email and registers a user account.
  • The User will be added to your customer’s account automatically upon registration.

Do you need to disable a customer account? Read more on how to disable customer accounts from within the merchant dashboard.

Updated on September 11, 2023

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