How to apply payment to customer invoices

Pro tip

 Look at the URL for a given invoice. Number at the end corresponds with the invoice number. Update the number to the invoice you’re looking for to move quickly.

Applying a payment to an open customer invoice is easy. The guide below relates to applying check, ACH, PayPal or otherwise payments to a customer’s open invoice.

Directions for applying a manual payment

  1. Login to your Merchant account.
  2. Tap Customer Invoices on left sidebar.
  3. Search for the invoice by number or customer attributes.
  4. Tap on the targeted invoice.
  5. Navigate to the edit invoice page.
    This will showcase the invoice number on the top of the page.
    Example: Invoice #158273
  6. Look for the Enter Payment card.
  7. Specify the Payment Method.
  8. Specify the Amount of the payment.
  9. Enter the Transaction ID.
    Note: This could be the check number, or ACH transaction ID.
  10. Specify the Payment Status.
  11. Add a Note (optional).
    Note: this is intended to help your bookkeeper.
  12. Tap Add Payment.

Enter a customer payment manually

Payment notifications

The following events are triggered by adding a manual payment to an open invoice.

  • The billing email recipients listed for a customer account are sent the details of the payment.
  • The billing email recipients listed for your merchant account are sent the details of the payment.
  • The payment details are sent to QuickBooks and applied to the open invoice. This only applies to Merchant with the QuickBooks integration enabled.
Updated on September 11, 2023
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