CAC Carrier Agreement Compliance Report

The CAC Carrier Agreement Compliance Report can be found within the reporting dashboard. The intent of this article is to explain the function of the report.


The purpose of the CAC Carrier Agreement Compliance Report is to display each line item on carrier invoices for rate accuracy. This includes transportation charges, discounts and incentives of all types, and accessorial charges.

How to generate report

Refer to guide: How to generate customer reports  

This report can be exported by tapping the Export Data icon found within the Reports section on the left sidebar

Fields included within

  • Item
  • Expected List Rate
  • Expected Rated Weight
  • Expected Charge
  • Expected Discount
  • Observed List Rate
  • Observed Rated Weight
  • Observed Charge
  • Observed Discount
  • Difference
  • Account Number
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Tracking Number
  • Service Type
  • Shipment Date
  • Weight
  • Zone
  • Package Type
  • Same Weight?
  • Auditor Remarks

Schedule reports

The CAC Carrier Agreement Compliance Report can be scheduled within the Scheduled reports section of the Reporting Dashboard.

Additional resources

All reports and analytics  

Updated on October 1, 2022

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