Can Share A Refund work for businesses with a waiver on late delivery?

Some companies have a general service refund (GSR) waiver in place with their carrier. Share A Refund is still able to audit your shipments even if there’s a service refund waiver.

How waivers can cost you money

A red flag should be raised if your carrier asks you to waive your right to audit your invoices for late deliveries. If you are deciding to renew your carrier agreement or negotiate a new one, you don’t have to accept a waiver. You would be shocked to find you can still save 2% without forfeiting the right to refunds owed to you after late deliveries.

Important info

The loss in not filing claims against late deliveries is higher than the full amount of the additional discount.

Get expert support

Need help building models to understand waivers? If you would like to see benchmark data on what waivers are reasonable to expect in your agreements, given your shipment volumes, then contact the Share A Refund team for a free consultation.

Updated on September 12, 2023

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