Details on the date range from the performance report

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The date listed at the top of each carrier section includes all activities for a given carrier account during the period.

How the dates apply to the sections within

The report includes actions taken on shipments posted to your carrier accounts over the course of several weeks.

The information detailed within the Performance Report details the events observed during stated reporting period.

Each section of the email is described below, and included for each user account provided within your Share A Refund account.

Shipping activity report

Includes all shipments that were invoiced by a specific carrier during the period. This applies both to shipments that were recently shipments and to shipments manifested during the week, which may or may not be shipped. This part is carrier specific.

Auditing activity report

Includes all disputes and claims successfully filed with the carriers during the period. Any disputes rejected by the carriers through electronic processing are internally processed by the Share A Refund exception handling service, and additional measures taken when a refund credit is expected. To that point, the number of disputes and claims detailed within the Performance Report can include several weeks worth of invoices.

Refunding activity report

Includes all refunds secured by Share A Refund. Each refund is verified with a screenshot and a full audit trail of actions taken by Share A Refund to secure that savings.

To see the details of each refund secured, refer to the invoice document. Each line links to the detail view for the shipment where a refund was secured.

Lost and damage claims activity report

Includes all shipments where a lost and/or damage claim was filed by the Share A Refund claims management service.

How to adjust the frequency of performance reports

The recent events that occurred within your account are emailed to the notification recipients specified for your Share A Refund account.

The interval of this email and the list of recipients can be managed from within your customer account on the Settings Page.  

Directions on making changes to performance reports

  1. Login to Your account.  
  2. Tap on Settings.
  3. Navigate to the Reporting Notifications Card. 
  4. Add or remove email address recipients.
  5. Adjust Frequency.
  6. Tap Update.
Updated on September 8, 2023
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