FedEx Claims Request Access Guide

The intent of this article is to provide guidance on what to do in the case of the error message shown in the screenshot below.

request access.PNG


This error is part of the Enroll FedEx Account in claims within


The account administrator can assist with this task.

Proceed with submitting the form shown in the screenshot above.

An email is sent from FedEx to the email address on file as the administrator for the account number specified.

The account administrator clicks the Approve button within the email that is sent.

Didn't receive the email?

Contact FedEx Customer Service by phone to get the issue sorted. A change is required at the account number level, and this change much occur for each master account / accounts within that account.

Your FedEx account executive can assist with getting the issue resolved.

Background: The backend system at the time of writing this is clunky and usually requires the help of the FedEx account executive to get sorted.


There’s a limit of 250 accounts for each user account. Multiple FedEx accounts can be used to manage shipping profiles with more than 250 account numbers. Submit request as needed.


Below is a suggested snippet of text to send along to your FedEx Account Executive:

There's a configuration issue. We are unable to set up claims. Please work with customer service to get all accounts set up within the FedEx Online Claims system, so that claims can be filed when packages are lost and damaged. Thanks.

Updated on September 12, 2023

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