How do I reset the password for a user?

The intent of this article is to detail how a merchant with admin permissions can reset the password for a user.

Send a reset password email to a user

When you create the user account, there’s a send reset password option. If this is not clicked while creating the user, simply open the app in Chrome’s incognito window and follow the steps for Forgot Password.

Admin-defined password

The current password can be overwritten by a merchant from the Edit User page within the app.

Keep your information secure

Use a strong password when creating or updating a user account.

User-defined password

The user can reset the password from the Profile page within their account.

  • Login to account.
  • On the left sidebar, tap Profile.
  • In the cards on this page, look for Login Information.
  • Input the Current Password.
  • Input the New Password.
  • Input the New password again in Confirm new password.
  • Tap the Update button.
Password help

If the user doesn’t know the current password, then the password can be reset using the Forgot Password workflow described above.

Updated on September 12, 2023

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