How to merge user accounts

As a merchant, you might need to consolidate customer accounts. For example, a customer might have their UPS and FedEx accounts listed as different users. This means two different login credentials exist for one customer.  This article outlines how to successfully merge user accounts in the system.

Direction to merge user accounts

For this example, user account ID 1111 is merged with user account ID 2222.

  • Login to your merchant admin account.
  • Tap Users on the left sidebar in the dashboard
  • Locate user ID 1111 and tap row.
  • Update the name of existing shipping account within user ID 1111 account.
    • By updating the name, this allows the carrier user account to be added to a different user account.
  • Create a shipping account within user ID 2222 account.
  • Update user ID 1111 account by marking the user as enabled = N.
  • Update the email address of user ID 1111.
    • Duplicate email addresses cannot be used. By updating the email address, the user can now be added as a linked user. 
Important note about merging user accounts

Any information within the shipping accounts related to the example user ID 1111 and any historical customer data including, but not limited to, invoices, scheduled reports, and saved credit cards are not merged within the new customer account.

Next steps

Read more on how to add a linked user to a customer account.

Updated on September 12, 2023

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