Third Party Shipment Detail Report

The intent of this article is to provide details about the Third Party Shipment Detail Report for customers and merchants.


  • Log in as customer.
  • Continue with Customer directions below.


  • Tap Reports on the left sidebar

  • Scroll the Third-party shipment detail report under Template
  • The report is sent to the email address of the auditor or wait for the report to download after single tap on download


  • Invoice
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice amount
  • Tracking number
  • Service
  • Bill option
  • Zone
  • Account
  • Ship date
  • Estimate delivery date
  • Delivery date
  • Delivery time
  • Commercial/Residential destination
  • Currency
  • Net charge
  • Number of packages
  • Multi-piece/Hundredweight shipment identifier
  • Length/Width/Height
  • Tender weight
  • Unit of measurement for weight
  • Billed weight
  • Unit of measurement for billed weight
  • Sender name/company/street/city/state/zip/country
  • Receiver name/company/street/city/city/state/zip/country
  • Charge description
Updated on September 13, 2023

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