UPS Shipping Charge Correction Audit Fee

If you’ve ever guessed or miscalculated the weight or measurement of a package before sending it out, you are not alone. The intent of this article is to explain what the UPS Shipping Charge Correction Audit Fee is, why it gets applied and what you can do to avoid it.

What is the UPS Audit Fee?

UPS is now attaching a fee on shipments that match the following criteria:

  • Missing or incorrect dimensions on packages that require a corrected dimensional weight to be billed
  • Incorrect weight entered that requires an adjustment or reweigh
  • Incorrect or missing package dimensions that lead to additional surcharges once recalculated.

Basically, UPS corrects the dimensions and/or weight to the observed, actual dimensions and/or weight and assesses an additional fee.

Note: This Audit Fee is not related to any actions taken by Share A Refund.

How much is the UPS Shipping Charge Correction Audit Fee?

This audit fee will be charged in the amount of $1.00 per adjusted package or 6% of the adjusted revenue for that week’s invoice, whichever amount greater.

How to avoid UPS Audit Fee

The Audit Fee is completely avoidable. UPS isn’t looking to penalize those that make the occasional one-inch mistake. The Audit Fee occurs only if the average correction for your shipment amounts to more than $5.00. A practice management recommendation is to measure each shipment to +/- 1 inch to avoid being hit with this fee.

Updated on September 8, 2023

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