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Download Consolidated Reports

All available reports  

The intent of this article is to provide details about downloading consolidated reports for customers and resellers.


  • Log in as customer


  • Tap Reports on the left side bar
  • On the right side find the Download consolidated reports icon


Select your desired shipping account and date range then tap download. The consolidated report contains:

  • Shipments by service type
  • Shipments frequency by service type
  • Shipments by domestic geochart
  • Shipments by international geochart
  • Cost by service type
  • Cost frequency by service type
  • Cost by domestic geochart
  • Cost by international geochart
  • Third-party shipping activity Report
  • Late frequency by service type
  • Late by domestic geochart
  • Late by international geochart
  • Lost and damage shipments Report
  • Refund credits Report
  • Service fees Report
Updated on December 17, 2019

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