How do I file a claim for a damaged DHL package?

This article details the process to file a claim with DHL Express after a package has been damaged in transit.

Submit claim online

Claims can be filed using two different methods.

  • Complete the¬†online form provided by DHL
  • Download a PDF form and submit the information by email, fax or mail.

Send supporting documentation

To process the claim all of the following items must be provided:

    • A copy of the waybill, if available.
    • Documentation supporting the amount claimed like a vendor/supplier invoice and a retail invoice.
    • If the item was purchased or sold via the Internet, documentation of that transaction is required.
    • If not repairable, a statement from a repair technician confirming the non-repairable condition.
    • Repair invoice or salvage report, if applicable.
    • Photographs of the damaged item(s) and packaging, including all internal and external packing materials

Note: For quicker claim filing, please compile all required documentation into one .pdf or .zip file (limited to 7MB or less) and have ready for upload.

DHL Package inspection

Not every package will require inspection, but DHL Express reserves the right to inspect, re-inspect, or salvage any shipment of any value when evaluating or resolving a damage claim.

All packaging and contents should be kept until the claim is processed. Inspections should take place at the original delivery location. If you fail to keep the original shipment and packaging at the original delivery location, or refuse to make said items available for inspection, the claim may become invalid.

Enable Share A Refund lost and damaged service

Share A Refund achieves claim recovery results quicker and is designed to handle even the most complex requirements. Enable the lost and damaged service.

Updated on September 8, 2023

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