Merchant invoice format

Detail on the invoice sent to you each month from Share A Refund are listed below.

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The merchant invoice is the amount due to Share A Refund according to invoices and sales receipts billing to customers during the previous month.

Invoice format

The fields on the invoice list view are meant to help accounts payables personnel see all invoices posted to the account. Lines are sorted by default in reverse chronological order. Fields within include:

  • Invoice date. The date the invoice was generated.
  • Invoice number. The unique ID specific to an invoice.
  • Invoice total. The total amount of all lines and taxes billed to the invoice.
  • Balance. The amount due on that invoice.
  • Status. The state of the invoice at the current time.
  • Item. The service name for the line item.
  • Description. The customer invoice number related to given line item.

Merchant invoice timeline

The merchant invoice is created on the first day of each calendar month. The frequency of the merchant invoice notification email is controlled within the Settings menu item within your merchant admin user account.

Invoice email recipients

The billing email recipients listed for your merchant account receive the merchant invoice as an attachment. The link within this email links directly to the detail view for this invoice, where credit or debit card payment can be applied.

Directions on viewing merchant invoices

  1. Login to your merchant admin account.
  2. Go to the invoice list view.
  3. Tap a single row to see details on a given invoice.

Directions on paying merchant invoices

Credit or debit card payments. Putting a card on file and enabling AutoPay makes paying the merchant invoice easy. Stored credit cards are managed within the Settings page of your merchant admin account.

Check payments. Remit check payments to the address listed on the invoice.

ACH payments. Please contact merchant support for bank account and routing information.

The description field contains the related customer invoice number. The online version of the merchant invoice links each row to the customer invoice.

This information is also available as an export on the merchant list view, using the export feature on the top right of the page.

Questions about uncollectable customer invoices?

Contact merchant support for support on the topic.

Updated on September 11, 2023

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