Update terms on customer account

The intent of this article is to provide guidance to merchant_admin user type on how to adjust the billing terms on a customer account. This setting is available within the Edit User page of the admin dashboard.

Update terms on customer account

  • Log in to dashboard as admin.
  • Navigate to the left sidebar and tap on Users.
  • Use the search feature and enter the string of Contact Name, Account Name or global_id.
  • Select the targeted record from list search results. This points to the Edit User page.
  • On the Edit User Page, navigate to the Billing Settings card.
  • From the field Net Terms, chose from one of the available options on the page.

List of Net Terms options

Terms available to a customer account are as follows:

  • 0 days
  • 7 days
  • 15 days
  • 20 days
  • 30 days
  • 45 days
  • 50 days
  • 60 days
  • 75 days
  • 90 days
  • 180 days

Note on terms

  • The terms selected for a given customer account are applied to all future invoices created for a given customer account.
  • The terms selected for a given customer account apply to that specific customer account only. Need to change the default terms offered to new customers? Contact Merchant Support to change the default terms on future customers accounts.
  • Customer Invoice Terms are not considered in the creation of the Merchant Invoice. In other words: a customer account invoice created today and due in 90 days is listed on the next, upcoming Merchant Invoice and due on the due date specified.
Updated on September 13, 2023
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