What do I do with my UPS package that’s been reported as damaged?

When a package is reported as damaged, make sure to keep the original carton, its contents, and all packing materials unless advised otherwise. Sometimes a UPS representative confirms the legitimacy of the claim and needs those mentioned items to assess the damage.

For example, UPS may specifically want to inspect the damaged package to verify proper packing materials were used. If the UPS representative finds it was improperly packed according to their terms, the claim could be denied. This inspection can happen at the receiver’s location or the package may be collected for inspection at a UPS facility.

Once the UPS investigation is complete, a notification letter will be sent to the shipper, not the receiver of the shipment.

What happens if the claim is issued after inspection

If the claim is issued, a Damage/Loss Notification claim letter will be emailed, faxed or mailed to the shipper. The shipper will also be notified if the claim is not approved.

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Updated on September 8, 2023

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