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A prospective reseller recently asked, in switching over to Share A Refund, will my current service provider be notified that I am now using your system?


In this case, the prospective reseller was using a vendor to do all invoicing on a contract optimization project, as well as a wholly outsourced audit and recovery service, with invoicing, reporting, etc.


The incumbent service provider was not doing lost and damage claims management. Nor was any sort of benchmarking services being provided.


The prospective reseller didn’t want to alert the incumbent service provider of cancellation until all accounts were up and running on the Share A Refund Platform.


No. There’s no notification sent by our team to your existing service provider. The services built into Share A Refund Platform can be offered to customers al la carte, and done in a way that complements the existing services being offered to customers through your existing solution provider.


Solution in a word: Hybrid

The prospective reseller added all existing customers to the Share A Refund platform for the free benchmarking and reporting features built in, as well as enabled the lost and damaged claims management feature for each customer where applicable.

The incumbent auditor continued with the invoicing on the contract engineering, as well as all auditing and recovery for billing mistakes, late packages or otherwise.


Share A Refund extended the service offering of the reseller by offering value-add solutions including the following:

  • Reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Lost and damaged claims management

The reseller was able to maintain the existing contract with the incumebent service provider and move forward with Share A Refund on the features provided by Share A Refund that were not provided and / or implemented poorly by the incumbent service provider.

Each customer will be migrated fully to the Share A Refund platform, once the contract with the incumbent service provider is up for renewal.

Updated on September 8, 2023

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