Package information was not uploaded in time

Exception codes provided by carriers in response to the dispute request provide guidance on why the shipment is not eligible for a late delivery. Below is such an example:

This package is not eligible for a guaranteed service refund. Package information was not uploaded in time to qualify for a refund. (EBILG_A50)

Example denial

The example takes a minute to unpack. A few definitions will help along the process:

Denial response definitions

Package information :: Scan event

Time :: Same day as the day the shipment was tendered

Quality for a refund :: eligible for refund credit due to service failures for late deliveries.

Denial code


How this happens

Shipping labels that are created one day and picked up or scanned into a sorting facility a different day aren’t eligible for a refund credit. This is general to the type of error exception above.

What can be done

The best solution in such cases is for shippers to ensure that shipping labels are created and used the same day.

If a shipping label goes unused for a day, it should be voided and a new shipment recreated for this and other related issues. All of which affect the refund credit potential on your shipping account.

Updated on August 22, 2019

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